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We specialise in recutting and repairing broken or damaged gems to make them look new again.

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What we do

Repairing, recutting and repolishing

In order to better serve our customers, Gem World is proud to offer an in-house lapidary and cutting service for all your precious and semi-precious gemstones.

​We specialize in recutting and repairing broken or damaged gems to make them look new again.

Gemstone Cutting

With the guidance and advice of our highly skilled cutter, you could maximise the value and potential of your gemstone, to bring out its maximum luster, brilliance and value.

Possible gemstone treatments

Gemstones can be treated in different ways in order to improve the shape and brilliance of the stone. Some procedures are ancient and others are recent. This is for your information only, Gem World is not perform any of these treatments itself. 

Heat treatment

This technique is used to enhance the stone’s colour and brightness together with the removal of carbon and air bubbles. It's commonly used for sapphires and rubies.


Some gemstones are radiated in order to improve their colour. This process consists of high energy particles and electromagnetic waves in order to change the gems' colour. One example is a topaz changing from white to blue.


Gemstones can experience damage. These damages are not favourable for the brightness of the stone. When these damages are on the surface they can be repaired with wax, glas, epoxy or borax.

Oil treatment

The oil treatment is mostly done on emeralds It is used to decrease the visibility of the inclusions. The oil is colourless and doesn’t have any (negative) effect on the stone’s colour.

Beryllium treatment

This new treatment is commonly used on stones from the korund-family. Beryllium is spread over the surface of the stone and will improve the colour of the stone.


A certificate is an identification for a stone giving information about the identity, origin, possible treatments, and is delivered by an independent laboratory.

Specifications in the certificate are the following: dimensions, colour, transparency, type of cut, shape, heated or unheated, treated or not treated. Some of the certificates also specify origin of mining of the stone.

We work with several certification offices:

At Gem World we pride ourselves on providing our clients only with 100% natural gemstones. All our gemstones marked as "Unheated" are sold with a certificate, for the others a certificate can be issued on demand.

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